Ali Düsenkalkar


He was born in Nicosia in 1961. He was graduated from MimarSinan University State Conservatoire Drama School in 1983. He started acting in Istanbul State Theatre in 1983. He is still working in the same theatre as an actor and a director. He directed the following theatre plays: "Hosu'nun Utanci/ Shame of Hosu" in Istanbul State Theatre,"Yasar Ne Yasar Ne Yasamaz" in Trabzon State Theatre, Adana State Theatre, Bursa State Theatre and Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Theatre and "Yolcu/ The Passenger" adapted from Mevlana's Mesnevi in Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Theatre. He also directed the plays "Deli Ibrahim/Ibrahim the Mad" in Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Theatre, "Kanli Nigar/Bloody Nigar" in Bursa State Theatre, "Esegin Golgesi/ The Shadow of the Donkey" and "Gözlerimi Kaparim, Vazifemi Yaparim/ I Close My Eyes and Do My Duty" in Ankara State Theatre. He was awarded as the best actor for his performance in RehaErdem's movie "Mommy, I'm scared " in both International Nurnberg Film Festival and International Ankara Film Festival. He was also awarded as the best actor for his performance in Tolga Ornek's movie "Devrim Arabalari/ Cars of the Revolution". He narrated the fairy tales "Peter and the Wolf" with Istanbul Symphonic Orchestra in 2011 and "Nasreddin Hodja" with Bursa Symphonic Orchestra in 2013. He worked as an acting teacher in Eskisehir AnotoliaUniversity State Conservatoire for five years. He has been teaching in Bahcesehir University for seven years. He also has been working as a dubbing artist and acting in various TV series and movies. He's married with one child.


Movie Name Vizyon Tarihi
Kaç Para Kaç 17 December 1999
Korkuyorum Anne 29 March 2006