P.H. Moriarty


The English native P.H. Moriarty began acting late in life, having worked for many years in other professions, including as a boxer and a longshoresman. While a film crew was shooting a scene on the English docks one day, the production crew discovered Moriarty working there, and they asked him to act in the film. Thus began his acting career. Moriarty's film credits include Guy Ritchie's feature film Arnaques, crimes et botanique (1998), in which he starred as Hatchet Harry. Moriarty also has had parts in Chaplin (1992), Jeux de guerre (1992), Les dents de la mer 3 (1983), Racket (1980) and the Western-inspired sci-fi film Outland... Loin de la Terre (1981). He also has starred in various British television programs.


Movie Name Vizyon Tarihi
Ateşten Kalbe Akıldan Dumana — Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels 28 October 1998