Pat Walshe


Born in 1900, he worked in vaudeville as a child and appeared in Broadway in "A Good Little Devil". As an adult he continued to appear in vaudeville but also joined various circuses and Midget Troupes. He had a specialist interest in portraying animals and was a veteran animal impersonator. He appeared in his second Broadway show "Fine and Dandy" in 1930. In 1939, due to his short stature and animal impersonating skills, he appeared in The Wizard of Oz as Nikko, the flying monkey. This made him very famous and he continued to perform in vaudeville. He also made two other film appearances in Panic in the Streets and Roseanna McCoy. Died in 1991 and, by this time, he was the last surviving credited cast member of The Wizard of Oz.


Movie Name Vizyon Tarihi
The Wizard of Oz 26 January 1940