Philip Stone


Philip Stone (April 14, 1924 - June 15, 2003) was an English actor. He was born in Leeds. He was the only actor to appear in three consecutive Stanley Kubrick films. First, he played the central character Alex's "P" (as in "M" and "P" for "Ma" and "Pa") in Orange mécanique (1971). Subsequently, he played Graham, the Lyndon family lawyer, in Barry Lyndon (1975), and Delbert Grady, the original caretaker who murdered his family in _The Shining_. The only other actor to be credited in three Kubrick films is Joe Turkel. Other film roles included parts in Thunderball, Where Eagles Dare, Quest for Love, Flash Gordon and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. In the 1978 Ralph Bakshi's animated film The Lord of the Rings, he voiced the role of Théoden. Stone was also a prolific stage and television actor, appearing in many popular TV series, including the very first Avengers episode, The Rat Catchers, Dalziel and Pascoe, Inspecteur Frost (1992), Heartbeat (1992), Yes Minister (1980), Justice and Coronation Street. Stone died of a heart attack in London in 2003, aged 79.


Movie Name Vizyon Tarihi
Cinnet — The Shining 1 January 1970