Suat Oktay Senocak


Former basketball player and also old sports journalist was born in Bursa in Turkey. He played at the local theater in Bursa. And also he is a producer of the movie. He has lots of short movies and documentaries which are he prepared. This is the first feature film Camci / Adi Ask Bu Eziyetin (The Glazier / The name of the pain is love) which is he produced. The movie has been on the movie heathers since September, 2010. He built a cinema association (Insanat Sinema Dernegi) The Cinema enthusiast 16 mm in Bursa. Since he built it he has been continuing to teach at the workshop. He can speak Turkish, Albanian, Swedish and also little bit English. He wrote a book which is about The Refugees (2007).


Movie Name Vizyon Tarihi
Kosmos 16 April 2010